Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sometime last year, I sat down to watch a movie I had DVR'd, which I thought was "Dim Sum." It opened with a scene of slicing a fish, in which the knife work was so dazzling I decided to save the movie until I could give it my full attention-- no knitting, no reading, no conversation, just watch the movie.

As is natural, the DVR failed, erasing all my saved movies, before I made time to view "Dim Sum." I was disappointed, the more so as I also had several Greta Garbo movies in the queue. Several months later, DVR replaced, I chanced upon a listing for "Dim Sum." I recorded it, and again waited for a propitious time to view it.

That time came this morning. I woke up early; I could reasonably expect Tom to sleep for a couple more hours. I didn't have a deadline on my knitting, nor guests expected, nor any other pressing commitments. I settled in in front of the TV, metaphorical popcorn in hand, to view "Dim Sum."

There's no fish-slicing scene. It's a good movie, if you like that sort of thing (slow-moving, slice-of-life), but the food was strictly take-out. I was also surprised, when I saw the credits, that it was a Wayne Wang movie. Wayne Wang? I thought I was watching an Ang Lee movie. I looked on IMDB, under both Wayne Wang and Ang Lee. I think I have the identity of the fish-slicing movie narrowed down to one of four, two from each of the aforenamed directors.

If my back holds out and I don't catch another cold (knock wood), I'm going to Oregon next week. Maybe I'll rent those four movies, and watch them up there. Yeah, I really want to see that fish-slicing scene.

Sharon sent me a link to a blog telling about making timpano, the Italian celebratory pie. I responded by raving about "Big Night," in which the making of a timpano is a major plot point. While I spend more hours in a day knitting than cooking, I've spent more years of my life cooking than knitting, and it is my first and greatest love.

I did finish the first cabled sock last night-- first of the pair, not first in my life. I started the second, and woke this morning with my right hand swollen and aching. Funny, I spent five weeks on the blanket without any hand pain. Maybe I shouldn't devote too much of my life to knitting socks in fine yarn on size 1 needles. They work up so much faster in medium-weight on size 3s, anyway. All I'll need is bigger shoes to accommodate the thicker socks. I'll get right on it.


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