Thursday, March 18, 2010

To my great surprise, I finished weaving in the ends early in the afternoon, in spite of having a week's worth of chores waiting for me. To my even greater surprise, I did everything on my over-ambitious to-to list. Well, everything except washing the car, but I didn't seriously think I'd wash the car. Usually, I wait until it needs to be serviced. Then, the garage washes it as a courtesy. Since I still have 3,000 miles before service is due, I might have to rethink this technique.

I haven't blocked the blanket, yet, as I have company coming tonight. I don't think it would be politic to have them sit on a wet blanket; the sofa is the only spot where I can spread it out in front of a heater and a fan to facilitate drying. It looks good, though.

I'm back to work on Tom's blue cabled sock. After the glory that was the blanket, a mere sock (and a fairly plain one at that) doesn't have the old zing.


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