Monday, March 08, 2010

I'm far enough into the second half of the blanket that it has become inconvenient to glance at the first half, in order to get my colors mirrored. Hence, I took a few minutes to write down each stripe as it occurs, going backwards to the point of origin, as in, "Black, 6 rows. Beige, 4 rows. Aqua, 2 rows." I'm still a long way from finished.

I decided not to go to Oregon this week, as I have duty in San Simeon in less than a week. It was a good decision; a letter from the City of Astoria arrived today, inviting local residents to help with a reforestation project behind my back yard. The forest there was knocked down by a severe storm in December of 2007, just a month before I bought the property. I think I can be there for planting day, and still be home by Easter.


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