Friday, February 26, 2010

I am so close to the halfway point on my mohair blanket that I can count the days. When I started, I divided the yarn I'd be using into two bags, with an equal amount of each color in each bag, so I'd be able to make the second half a mirror image, if I chose. I still have lots of yarn left in the first bag, but the blanket is 4 feet long, with only a little of it blocked. I'll do a couple more stripes, and then block what I already have,to see whether I'm really half done. If the more recently completed part grows as much in the water as the first bit did, I'm getting there.

Genny's birthday was days ago, and I still haven't finished her present. Since we're planning to have dinner with them tonight, I'd better get cracking. That, or find a cute teapot at a neighborhood antique store. Either is correct. Suddenly, I regret cleaning out my "gift shelf"-- the space where I keep all the things I buy at random, to give when birthdays or other occasions present themselves. If I recall, I gave her three teapots and a picture frame for Christmas, in addition to the otter I had bought her specially.

I hope my back holds out long enough to clean up the palm trees in the back yard. Palm fronds take up a lot of space in the compost bins, so it's good to start early. Once I have three bins full, I'm done for the week, whatever yard work I'm doing, since I only have three bins.


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