Monday, February 22, 2010

I want to run away. I'd like to literally run away, if my back didn't hurt, and my fragile knees and ankles didn't give out at unpredictable moments. Given those weaknesses, I'd like to figuratively run away, because, outside, the sky is blue, flowers are blooming and birds are singing. Inside, it's dark and dusty and cluttered. I could dust and straighten and put brighter bulbs in the lamps, but it wouldn't be the same; I'd still want to run away.

Instead of running away, I walked around my back yard. The climbing roses are beginning to bloom. The apple trees and citrus trees (lime, grapefruit, and two kinds of lemon) are in full bloom, with the lemons and grapefruit in fruit as well. Winter is a good time for fresh fruit, here in citrus country. Little brown birds are perching on the still-dormant shade trees, showing off for their lady friends. I'd like to spend the whole day out there, but... I'm constitutionally unable to just sit, and do nothing, and enjoy. I have to be hiking, if I'm out in the wild, or driving. In the yard, I have to be weeding, or pruning, or planting, and the green bins are already full. I can't do any more yard work until Wednesday, after the trash men come.

I guess I'll read a book.


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