Friday, February 12, 2010

Not much blog-fodder today. I spent much of the day battling with the health care establishment-- not the insurance company, which is perfectly willing to pay for my care, but the lazy doctor and his lazy nurse who have been stalling on giving the orders that must be given before care can commence. Sorry to be so oblique, but you really don't want to read about my ills, do you?

I spent the whole morning going through my stash, sorting the various colors of mohair, deciding which ones I would use for my Knitting Olympics project. Once that was settled, the pattern swatched and the needles located, I knit on the socks I already had on the needles, waiting for the signal to start the new project. When I did finally cast on, it took two hours to cast on 360 stitches, and knit another row while placing stitch markers. That done, my count was two off. I don't know whether I'll find more mistakes, when I do the first pattern row, tomorrow. If so, I'll fudge it.


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