Monday, February 01, 2010

There's nothing to motivate someone to do an onerous task like trying to avoid another task even more onerous. I need to mop the kitchen floor and declutter the kitchen cupboards, so I pruned the shrubs by the front door, instead.

In the interest of full disclosure, the wonky three-fiber yarn I used for the mesh scarf was "Captive" by Kollage Yarns. The weird mohair with the unspun locks was "Cabaret" by Tahki. The mostly wool with some metallic yarn I used for the wiggly scarf was "Soap" by Artful Yarns-- I used the directions for a one-skein skinny scarf on the label, but used two skeins and made it twice as wide (still only 3"). That was finished in one day, so now I'm doing a scarf in a pretty pastel combo in Shakespeare, also by Artful Yarns.

I've used Shakespeare before-- it's an unspun, roving-type yarn. It has no tensile strength to speak of, but it knits up nicely. I'd avoid using it for anything where strength is required. I'm using moss stitch for the current scarf. This will be the last scarf in the current batch of things-to-donate to FES. When it's done, I'll go back to knitting for myself, my husband, and various friends.


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