Sunday, January 24, 2010

I cast off the garter stitch scarf today, for two reasons. First, at 9 feet long, it was long enough for any reasonable purpose. Second, I was sick of knitting it. I tried it on. Doubled and with both ends pulled through the loop, as the kids are doing these days, it reaches my waist. Tied in a kitten bow, it doesn't quite reach my waist. Looped once around my neck in the old-fashioned way, it reaches my knees; I don't think I'll be wearing it that way.

Tom and I went to California Adventure today, when Disneyland itself looked like it would be too crowded to be enjoyable (There's a downside to a sudden sunny weekend after almost a week of rain). We didn't do any rides, as the lines at the good ones were long, but we did a lot of walking around, a little shopping (I got an awesome t-shirt!), and took in a couple of shows. Tom pronounced himself satisfied. Best, I was on my feet, pain free, for four hours. That's longer than I've been able to tolerate being upright, without medication, in at least six months. Hurray for me!

The younger of our dogs has been forgetting her manners, these last few weeks, with the result that Tom has been shampooing the carpet more often than he likes. Nikki (the dog) is in for some re-education.


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