Thursday, January 14, 2010

On Tuesday, when I put down my knitting to answer the door, the cat bit the yarn in two, removing one stitch from the needles in the process, and pulling enough to cause a run. Since this yarn possesses a basically uncooperative nature, I was not able to fix the run with a crochet hook, but had to slowly and painfully tink out three rows and do over.

On Wednesday, the cat jumped at my needles, while I was in the middle of a row, with enough force to knock one of them clean out of my hand and out of the knitting. Since the live stitches remained in place, and I was able to get the needle back into them without damage, I allowed the cat to live.

The scarf is two feet long now, with a bit of yarn still left in the first ball, and two balls still at hand. Whew... that means I'll have enough to get a decent-length scarf out of it. Since the balls are only 25 gms, I wasn't sure. It does fit through a wedding ring, but that could be because I have big fingers.


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