Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's Day Three of a new diet. I've lost two pounds, and I'm haunted by visions of a gigantic chocolate-chip muffin.

The new mohair scarf I cast on Monday is a foot long. The yarn, Crystal Palace Kid Merino, is kinda wonky; the fuzzy bits slide along the nylon core, and bunch up. It was a freebie; I won't be buying any more. It sure makes a pretty fabric, though, knit up in garter stitch on size 5 needles.

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Blogger Rainy Daisy said...

Three whole days! Congragolations, as my wee sister would say. I tried to give up sugar, but didn't last very long. I had to content myself with cutting back on fat in other areas, and indulging with caution.

And hooray for mindless knitting. I've heard that the kid merino is beautiful, but I've never knit with it. Perhaps better suited to those who knit for the product, not the process?


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