Saturday, January 23, 2010

It was a gorgeous day today, as it can only be on the first sunny day after a rain. I wanted to see snow, and asked Tom to take me for a drive. He didn't have to drive me far, as it had snowed in our local hills, visible from the gas station a block from the house. Tom's not a stickler for literalism, though, and cheerfully took me to the farmers' market at La Canada Flintridge. It was our first time at that market, but won't be our last. Several of the same vendors were there as at our usual market (Sunday in Encino); the ones that were different were veddy upscale. Hans Rockenwagner doesn't make pretzels at our farmers' market, let me tell you. There were a lot of yummy-looking pastries I would have bought (sold by very handsome men with very convincing French accents), if I weren't dieting.

In the afternoon, Sharon and I went to lunch. Don't remember the name of the place, sorry, but it's a Vietnamese place just east of The Coffee Table on Foothill in Eagle Rock. We each had very delicious, very virtuous tofu salads, then proceeded to Honolulu in Montrose for some window shopping. Neither of us bought windows, but I picked up some cookie cutters and molds at an amazing cake decorating supply shop I hadn't known existed, followed by decaf coffee with lo-fat milk (all this virtue must be very boring) at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Lots of people were walking their dogs this afternoon, including a couple of Newfoundlands. I love Newfies.

I'm almost done with the garter-stitch scarf. I almost succumbed to some lovely yarns in Montrose, but I kept remembering the 18 bins of yarn I have at home.


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