Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I was disappointed when I got up, and found that it hadn't started raining, yet. So, that storm that has been predicted for the last week is only going to be a brief shower this afternoon? That hardly seems fair. I did today's errands yesterday, so I could stay inside, all warm and cozy, while it rained outside. Sure, I could still stay inside, and pretend it's raining, but it wouldn't be the same.

Before bedtime last night, I took a nice dive in the stash, and pulled out half a dozen scarf-appropriate lots of yarn. Since finding out that my scarves are a status item around Friends of the Elephant Seal, I want to have plenty to donate to the annual fundraiser. This morning, I cast on one in Colinette's "Skye," colorway "Popsicle," to match a hat I made last fall. It'll be in diaper stitch, same as the hat.

It's possible that I could spend some time today decluttering, but it's more likely I'll spend the whole day knitting, while going through some of the movies that have been piling up on the DVR.


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