Friday, February 05, 2010

I should have taken advantage of the nice weather yesterday to sprinkle fertilizer around the roses. We're having a lovely rain today, which could be making it all soak into the ground.

Yesterday, I gave up on the sock I was knitting. I had started it a month ago, and had only gotten halfway to the heel turning. As recommended, I had been using the smallest needle advised for this yarn. In this case, that was a size 0. My intentions were good, but the stitches were so tight that I could barely slide them over the needles, making the knitting much more of a chore than a pleasure. I realized that, while a sock knit bullet-proof on size 0 needles might be more durable than one more loosely made, that would only be relevant if I indeed finished making them. I pulled them off the needles, and restarted them on size 2s. I've already caught up to where I had left off.

Now, I'm off to run errands in the rain.


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