Thursday, February 25, 2010

It has been a dull week, just knitting and chores. While that's much to be preferred to chores only, with no knitting, it doesn't provide much blog fodder.

I almost supplemented the blanket with several skeins of Felt Me!, in spite of Felt Me! having a mohair content of zero. I have no more beige or brown worsted-weight mohair, and very much want to continue using beige/brown stripes in the design. I decided against the Felt Me! though, because the color isn't a solid beige, or even a variegated beige-on-beige, but a variegated beige-on-stark-shiny-white. I don't want any white in this piece; it would make the various beiges, creams, and off-whites look dirty.

And so, I return to my regularly scheduled blanket. It is definitely a blanket at this point, too long even to cast off and call it a shawl. Point of no return, and all that rot. While I've been working at giving it a hip flow of colors, the ripple pattern is veddy, veddy old fashioned.


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