Saturday, July 23, 2011

I did try hooking the mat, but, as it's a new technique for me, I quickly reverted to my beloved old needlepoint. What fun! I used to be addicted to needlepoint, and I have the stack of finished by unframed canvases to prove it. I gave it up when my thumb was so badly affected by arthritis that I couldn't hold a needle. I had the affected joint replaced years ago, but, by the time I had recovered from the surgery, I had transferred my addiction to knitting.

Anyway, I finished the lettering on the mat today, and got a good head start on the background.

Summer has definitely arrived in the Northwest, though not with the vengeance it has wreaked on the rest of the country. Here, it was clear and 70 degrees. I was very disappointed that Washington has started charging for admission to state parks that were, last year, free. Sure, we could have paid to go to the lighthouse, but, as we were starving and ready to go to lunch, we were only planning to stay a few minutes. Who wants to shell out several dollars to glance at a view? Next time, we'll go *after* we've eaten, and pay the fare.

Or, we can go south instead of north. We bought an annual pass to Oregon state parks, since there's a nice one near here.

The rye bread came out just fine. I used the same ingredients and proportions as my standard recipe, but cut the complexity of the technique from 6 steps over 3 days to 2 steps over 2 days. That will make my life much easier, once I open the restaurant. I'll have to make both bagels and rye bread daily. I should also see whether I can make bolillos, since I can't get proper bolillos here. The "sandwich rolls" locally available don't bear much resemblance to the French-style rolls I need for a proper Cuban sandwich.

Tom is happy to be my primary taste-tester.

The news this weekend has been grim. Scores dead in the politically-motivated attacks in Norway, dozens in a train accident in China, the murders of a handful of guests at a birthday party at a roller rink, plane crashes, brush fires, and poor Amy Winehouse found dead at 27. It would be easy to become depressed.


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