Saturday, July 23, 2011

I meant to post last night, but somehow forgot to.

The second batch of bagels came out fine. Maybe a bagel-purist from New York wouldn't accept them, but they delighted Tom and me. Bagel-purists from New York don't accept anything from anywhere else, anyway, so there'd be no point in trying for that ideal. Today, I'm baking off an experimental loaf of rye bread. The recipe I've been using, which turns out great, involves six steps undertaken over three days. I'm checking to see whether I can get an almost-as-good result with two steps over two days. If it works, it'll be a tremendous time-saver in the restaurant.

I spent yesterday buying yarn, downloading fonts, translating the chosen font onto a graph, and then transposing the graph onto rug canvas. Since custom mats cost a fortune anyway, I'm going ahead with the plan to make a "Shalom, Amigos" mat for the restaurant. At 5 stitches to the inch, it shouldn't take long. The next decision is whether to hook it, or stitch it. I'll try hooking, first.


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