Friday, April 01, 2011

Another day of much knitting accomplished.

Not having access to a charcoal barbecue right now, I tried a tri tip in the oven. I used the same recipe I found on the 'net last year, which is to cover the meat with cheap mustard and kosher salt. On the grill, the prescription is 20 minutes per side over direct heat. In the oven, I tried 40 minutes at 500 degrees. It came out good, but not as good as over charcoal, of course. You miss that good smoke flavor. For some reason, too, the roast seemed saltier done in the oven than over charcoal. My best guess is that, done over charcoal, the mustard burns and flakes off, taking most of the salt with it. In the oven, the mustard, and the salt, stay in place.


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