Sunday, March 27, 2011

I finished the silk/cotton chenille cowl. It took much longer than it should have, because it seems I have completely lost the ability to count to three.

We took it easy today. My legs were so sore yesterday I thought I was coming down with some dread neurological disease, one that would put me in a wheelchair within months. Then, I remembered that I had done some of the physical therapy exercises the day before, which I had stopped when I dislocated my knee for the third time.

The biggest source of drama over the last few days has been Nikki, our lovely mutt. She has taken to pulling so hard on the leash that she was aggravating our various injuries every time we walked her, so we bought her a head harness. She hates it, but it's like installing power brakes. While she's wearing the head harness, we have fingertip control. We're trying to acclimate her to wearing the harness by giving her liver treats, only when she's wearing it. Since she's a clever dog, and independent by nature, she's done some serious searching for the liver treats. Just now, she knocked over a chair in the dining room while she was searching Tom's jacket.

Other than that, she's a lovely dog.


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