Friday, March 18, 2011

We had minor business to attend to in a suburb of Portland yesterday, so we took the time to check out an Asian mom-and-pop grocery store, Manila Market. What fun! I'm delighted to, once again, be living in a house with a well-stocked pantry. Coconut milk, how I've missed you.

Tom was as pleased to find a bagel shop that had proper egg bagels as I was with the whole continuum of Asian goodies I invested in. As nearly as we can tell, Noah's Bagels is the only shop in the whole northwestern corner of Oregon that carries egg bagels. They're the only ones Tom will eat, and, if he had his druthers, he'd eat them daily. He bought out there entire stock, and will likely do so each time we go to Beaverton in the future.

Today, we're back at home. Maybe I'll knit some, but the project I'm currently working on, a light blue silk/mohair wrap, is low priority. Since I'm doing it in laceweight on size 3 needles, I expect it to take a very long time.


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