Sunday, March 13, 2011

I thought I had related my knitting adventures yesterday, but that must have been in an email. I finished the sweater, I thought, before noon, but decided that the sleeves needed to be an inch longer. I spent the day running around, and finished the sweater after dinner. Well, I finished the knitting last night. I didn't weave in the ends until this morning.

After the sweater was taken care of, I turned my attention to making something green for St. Patrick's Day. Folks up here take their holidays very seriously; if I didn't wear green, I'd be risking being pinched black and blue.

I did find a nice green, a dark mossy color in a 50/50 silk/wool blend. I pawed through a few knitting books before deciding on a lace pattern for a cowl. That should be easy enough to crank out in a few days, even though it's the most complicated lace pattern I've attempted yet. That's not very complicated, in absolute terms. I've never made it a secret that I favor easy patterns; feather and fan has been the northern boundary of my lace making so far. For this cowl, I'm using a pattern with a twelve-row design, each odd-numbered row different from the rest. Yep, I'm finally tackling the real deal.


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