Thursday, March 10, 2011

In order to combat creeping dullness, Tom and I drove up to Cape Disappointment today, in spite of the wind and rain, to see the Lewis and Clark museum there. Visiting a museum may not sound like high drama, but we needed something that would be indoors, due to the weather.

The exhibits start out drab, inspiring thoughts on the order of we paid $5 for this?, but pick up at the bottom of a winding ramp, where they keep the good stuff. In the end, we spent three hours there, soaking up history.

The best bits are just outside, though. The Lewis and Clark museum is built on the roof of an abandoned military post, which is open for exploration. Cool! And, the complex being on the top of a high coastal cliff, the views are spectacular. On this stormy day, the roiling sea under a menacing sky, with wind so strong I had to grip the rail to keep from being blown over, just taking in the view was a species of adventure.

And, I'm more than halfway done on the second sleeve of the Peekaboo Peony sweater.


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