Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tom and I went to Portland again today. That's a lot easier, now that snow on the road isn't an issue. We bought ranges and ovens for the restaurant, checked out a Japanese market (they have banana leaves and plantains, so I can make proper pasteles, if I want to), and went out for a Hawaiian plate lunch. Since the weather was rapidly alternating sunny and rainy, I saw at least 8 rainbows on the way home. Tom only saw 3, since he was driving and most of the rainbows were behind us.

Knitwise, I didn't make much progress today. I did pick up the cowl I started yesterday, but I tried to do something different. After a few rows, I decided I didn't like the changes I had made, so I ripped it out to the point I had started today, and went back to the original plan.


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