Thursday, March 24, 2011

Well, we're back to typical Oregon weather: cold and rainy. That's okay; the summers are wonderful.

Tom and I met with all the various contractors, plus the architect and the building owner. It's just as well that I hadn't put a lot of sweat into laying out the kitchen, as the existing layout of the building made my preliminary ideas impractical. Hey, I thought the ranges would go in the front of the kitchen, but if the mechanical engineer says it'll be dramatically cheaper to put them on the side, on the side they shall go.

I did a small bit of knitting, but I really had more fun picking out colors for the restaurant at Home Depot. I'm doing brights. My aim is to make my customers feel like they're on vacation some place warm and sunny.

Just now, I've been looking at stoves. I need four ovens. The menu I'm doing requires no less. Getting them will be expensive. Free standing ovens are even more expensive than ranges with ovens included, but, if I buy more cooktop than I need, I face increased expense in the ventilation department. I just have to remember that, in a year, I'll be running a successful restaurant that is paying its way.


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