Wednesday, March 30, 2011

In spite of the continuing rain, Tom and I went for a drive today, just to get out of the house. The dense forests of Washington are lovely, even more so than those of Oregon (but don't tell any Oregonians I said so).

I did see the orthopedist today, to tell him that I've made no improvement to my knee in three months. He's going to order an MRI, once he's gotten approval from the insurance company, and get back to me. If I were a basketball star with a knee injury, I'd have had an MRI the same day, and surgery within a week. I guess it's my own fault that I didn't become a basketball star.

Not much knitting today, but it won't be warm enough for a sweater so thin for months. We're on track to doubling our average March rainfall. As of yesterday, we had an even 12 inches of rain since the first, and we had another inch and a quarter today. Okay, it's unlikely that we'll have another inch and a half tomorrow, but it's possible. I am soooo ready for some sunshine.


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