Sunday, January 23, 2011

With a sore knee as the sovereign excuse for getting out of work, I spent most of the day either fooling around on Twitter, or watching TV. Mostly, I watched reality shows about hoarders; don't tell my husband. He despises all reality shows that don't star Kathy Griffin. I'll watch the ones that cut close to home. Since almost everyone I know is either a hoarder or somewhere along the continuum, including me, I can't tear myself away.

I admit to having 17 bins of yarn, but the number is probably closer to twenty. I wouldn't consider myself completely over the line into true hoarder-dom, as I can clean house when I have to, and I experience no distress over discarding expired catalogs, outdated newspapers, and the like. Parts of my house do look a lot like the houses on the hoarding shows, though, so I'm not completely free of the syndrome.

There was one moment, on one show, at which the "organizational expert" talked a knitter into giving up all her knitting needles except the ones she was currently using, and one circular. (!!!!!) That "expert" was clearly not a knitter. I use all my needles, from size 0 to 17. Okay, I also have a pair of size 35s that I've only used once. Getting rid of that one extra pair wouldn't make much of a dent in the clutter. All my circular needles fit into one purse, which is supplemented by a vase full of straights. If you want to clean up my house, make me thin the yarn down to ten bins, or even six, but don't make me give up the needles.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some cleaning up to do.


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