Saturday, January 22, 2011

Yeah, when I heard that Keith Olbermann had lost his show, I hit the Twitter pretty hard. By noon today, I was getting bored with being heartbroken over the loss of a newcaster I had never met, anyway.

Senator Ron Wyden had a town hall meeting at the Maritime Museum. He looked older, thinner, paler, and balder than I remembered him from TV, and I don't think his teeth are real. Then, when one of his constituents complimented him on his swift recovery from cancer surgery, it hit me; he's a cancer patient. His youthful good looks just a few months ago, contrasted with today, might have nothing to do with makeup and lighting for TV appearances. The last few months might have taken a lot out of him.

He's a heck of a guy. No matter how wacky the questions that were thrown at him, he treated all his questioners with the same respect and consideration. When he didn't know the answer to a question right off, he'd have his staff get the person's phone #, so they could get back to him later.

I, as always, wanted to get my two cents in on health care. I didn't want to take meeting time with my concern, since a couple of others had already brought up health care issues. When I told him I had "one niggling detail" that concerned me, he reacted with mock shock, "Only one!" He fully agreed that the six-month waiting period one has to go without insurance in order to qualify to shop on the exchange is completely unacceptable.

Progress on the Pink Granite cardi continues apace.


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