Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I cast on a new project last night. The inspiration came when I was consolidating my stash. I came across a recent acquisition from Bue Moon, which included a sweater-quantity of BFL Sport in the recently-discontinued Pink Granite colorway. I've started a sweater (could be a cardigan, could be a pullover: I have plenty of time to decide) knit wrist-to-centerline, so the stripes with be vertical-ish.

Tom and I went to a meeting last night, which had been described to us as a networking club of local business owners. Nope, it was a sales meeting designed to get people to buy into a multi-level marketing scheme for telecommunications. It was Tupperware without the high-quality plastic goods. I hate sales, so we snuck out as soon as we could. Of course, there's no "sneaking" out of a group of ten seated in a circle, so we did make a bit of a spectacle.

Oddly, the host of this meeting was the orthopedist with whom I have an appointment in a few weeks. Why would a doctor need to get involved with a pyramid scheme?


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