Sunday, January 09, 2011

Yesterday was uneventful; I cleaned the house, finished packing the car, and drove until I was ready to drop. For the record, I made Medford before I gave up.

I wish today had also been uneventful. Four am, getting onto the freeway, accelerating to freeway speed, and immediately pulled over by an Oregon cop. He wasn't being a dick; he didn't give me a ticket. Just trying to keep Californians from driving like Californians while in Oregon. I wasn't going that much over the limit.

Flurries of snow on the Five in northern Oregon. Worse on the 26. Admiring the beautiful snow, following the snowplow, until the plow pulled over and went back the other way. WTF? On the unplowed part of the road, I gently drifted into the rail. Then a 4x4 gently drifted into my back bumper. Both vehicles drivable, no one injured, but a heck of a lot of body work needs to be done.

I need to knit something. I brought all my knitting books, needles, and a few bins of yarn (Freudian typo: I spelled it "yearn."). I should be able to get something together.


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