Friday, January 07, 2011

I do miss the cat. A hundred times a day, I catch myself performing the little rituals and habits I formed around this cat. Closing doors quickly, so the cat won't get in. Placing breakables far away from edges, so the cat won't break them. All that stuff.

Tom left for Oregon this morning. This is the first time he'll be spending a night there without me; I was too blasted from losing the cat, acquiring a knee injury, and dealing with home repairs, to leave yesterday, as planned. My intention is to go tomorrow. I have only to finish cleaning out my desk and refrigerator before leaving, as I promised the housesitter that she'd have a desk and fridge of her own.

I haven't done any knitting since finishing the pink sweater a few days ago. I knew that, if I cast on a new project, I wouldn't start packing until it was done, and no project is so quick that I could afford the time.


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