Monday, January 03, 2011

I finished the second sleeve today, with two skeins of yarn left. I'm now adding a bit to the length of the body, and will likely finish tomorrow. As I had already moved most of my woolen sweaters to Oregon, and it has been chilly here in LA, I'll be glad to have it.

Some fool came onto our property while we were shopping today, broke one of the solar lights that line the driveway, left a bag of trash, and stole our bags of recyclables. Between the damage and the theft, we're out maybe $60. We didn't think to call the police right away, since the likelihood of recovering our damages is nil, but now I think we should. If there's a pattern of petty theft and vandalism in the neighborhood, the police should know about it.

I wonder whether fixing the gate isn't something we should do before moving out.

In theory, I'm moving in two days, but I haven't lifted a finger to do the stuff that needs to be done before I go, like emptying the front room and packing the car. My knee has been sore, and it has been so cold, with the furnace out of order. Today, I noticed that the cat has lost weight, so now I'm worried about her, too.


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