Friday, December 31, 2010

We're back early from the New Year's Eve party at the Coffee Gallery. Half of our party was fighting a cold, and, frankly, I'm too old to stay up past midnight, and still do justice to two parties tomorrow. Three parties in 24 hours-- that's half my year's total.

While TCM played Cary Grant movies all day, and Marx Brothers all night, I actually spent my knitting time watching Vincent Price movies I had recorded on Halloween. We'll lose everything we have recorded when we move, since the movies are on a box rented from the satellite company. That's the one way in which DVR is inferior to the old way of recording movies on home VHS.

I finished the first sleeve on the pink cabled sweater, which took less than two skeins of yarn. Since I had 5 skeins for the two sleeves, I'll be able to make the body a smidge longer before I cast off. Yay.

Happy New Year to all. Good riddance to 2010, which has been a hard one for most of us. May we all have peace, prosperity, and happiness in the coming year.


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