Saturday, January 15, 2011

I'm afraid the weather in Astoria, Oregon can get a mite dreary in winter. We knew this before we got here, of course, but nothing prepares you for the unrelenting nature of the rain.

Okay, if my knee didn't hurt so much, the rain might not bother me. Stuck indoors with a sore knee, compounded by being stuck indoors by unending rain, seems a bit much.

There's the waiting, too. I thought I'd be able to get right to work on the restaurant, once we got the keys, but the lawyer insisted that we incorporate before signing any more contracts. That means waiting before we can do the most basic of work.

And there's waiting for car repairs. Tom drove by the shop this morning; my car hasn't been moved from the space where we parked it on Wednesday.

And waiting for knee repairs. My knee collapsed a few days before Christmas. I waited until the New Year to make an appointment, because I didn't want to give up the New Year's parties in Los Angeles. When I did call, it took four weeks to get an appointment; two weeks of waiting remain. After that, I imagine it'll be weeks or months of waiting for a date for surgery. Then it'll be weeks or months waiting to heal.

I'm losing patience.


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