Friday, January 21, 2011

2011 isn't shaping up to be any better than 2010, so far. I still haven't heard from the lawyer about incorporation, so I can't move forward on getting the restaurant ready to open. Due to the high cost of auto repair, the mostly-cosmetic damage done to my car may end up causing the insurance company to write it off as a total loss. If this happens, I'll have to buy a new car. The kind I want doesn't have a dealership within 50 miles, and I can't get the runner-up equipped the way I want. In other news, the company that has been insuring our house in LA doesn't insure second homes, so, now that we've moved to Oregon, we'll have to shop for a new homeowner's policy.

I'm at least halfway through the second sleeve of the Pink Granite cardigan, knit cuff-to-centerline. I could stand to have something a tad more complex to keep my mind of money matters. Miles and miles of stockinette don't quite cut it, as a distraction.

On the bright side, the weather *was* nice a couple of days ago, and is likely to be nice again a couple of days hence. It's amazing how quickly I've come to dislike rain. I may become an Oregonian, yet.


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