Sunday, July 25, 2010

I wanted my next project to be a mesh overshirt. My usual mesh stitch pattern biases, so I found another one in a book that featured nice vertical columns. It was kind of a pain to execute, but I wanted that vertical look.

After a day's work and several inches of progress, I noticed that this pattern, too, biased. It was also several inches too wide, the result of lying swatches, once again. I pulled it all out, cast on fewer stitches, and started again, with the mesh stitch I find easy and comfortable. So what, if it biases? Diagonal stripes are slimming.

The yarn is a novelty, three strands loosely held together. Two strands look like rayon; the third, fuzzy strand was supposed to be mohair, but it sure feels like acrylic. I figure the finished product will be a nice accent over a black cami (the yarn is a pale pink blend, undignified for a grown-up lady, except with another, stronger color), or a layer to wear between a shirt and a windbreaker on a chilly day.


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