Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What a dream. It was one of those dreams that seems very real, and very important, while it's happening, but fades as soon as you wake. What I remember:

I was walking around a lake with Sharon, while she read aloud a book about Jesus. I think the topic of the book was Jesus taking a walk around a lake with an ordinary person, talking with him. I think, after we completed circumnavigating the lake, we took my daughter fishing-- she was two or three years old. I thought, in my dream, of how I would try to explain the experience to Tom, if I were to take a walk with Jesus, and feel his spiritual power myself. Then, after dropping Sharon and Anka off, I took a drive with my father, who took me to introduce an infant half-brother of mine, one of several he had from relationships with women other than my mother.

None of this lines up with real life, of course. I didn't meet Sharon, or marry Tom, until Anka was in her late teens. I'm not a Christian, and my father, who has been gone for 17 years or so, didn't have much interest in adult women. My subconscious must have confused him with Mel Gibson, about whom I've read a lot, lately.

In knitting news, I made a lot of progress on the front of my new top today. I'm on track to finish it in two days, if I knit as much as I usually do. After I finish, I think I should take a couple of days off to clean, and sew, before picking up another piece of knitting.


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