Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'm back from afar. It was unbelievably beautiful in San Simeon this week. We've seen otters every day, recently; apparently, a family of otters moved into our little cove. Yesterday, I saw a humpback whale spyhopping in the cove, and saw his flukes a few minutes later when he sounded. Today, I missed it, but some of my colleagues and the visitors saw a pod of dolphins. Oh-- and I saw two herds of deer while I was driving up. All that, and the weather was textbook perfect. Some of the visitors even asked me, "What makes the ocean so blue here? It's not that blue, where I come from." I told them the water was so blue because it is very deep, and very clean, and the sky is also very blue.

I didn't do much knitting, while I was gone. If you add up the hours I was working, and the hours I was driving, I put in a 13 hour day yesterday, and another 11 hours today. It's a good thing I love it.


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