Friday, July 16, 2010

Tom and I were watching "Psych" tonight. That show drives me crazy. I'll buy the fake psychic who is actually a pretty good detective, but the way they depict Santa Barbara is beyond the beyond.

I actually got into a shouting match last year, about an episode in which some newly-introduced characters went white-water rafting after lunch, and were back in Santa Barbara in time for dinner. There are no raftable rivers within several hours' drive of Santa Barbara! One gentleman, not knowing that I volunteer at San Simeon, tried to tell me that the general public can run the rapids on the Hearst Ranch. Gah! That's private property, and the small stream running through it wouldn't float a multi-passenger raft of the type shown in the episode.

Tonight, we were treated to a mystery set in Santa Barbara's Chinatown. Santa Barbara doesn't have a Chinatown! Sure, Chinese immigrants contributed to the city's development, but they don't live in a discreet neighborhood. I don't think Santa Barbara even has a barrio; it is divided into neighborhoods of million-dollar homes, and neighborhoods of multi-million-dollar homes. Race and ethnicity don't figure in Santa Barbara's layout, only varying degrees of wealth. I'd sooner believe a Santa Barbara story about feuding law firms, than warring ethnic gangs.

My back was fine today, in spite of my not doing any hard physical labor, and in spite of my taking a drug holiday today. For the uninitiated, a "drug holiday" doesn't mean using drugs to escape from reality, but *not* taking one's usual meds, in order to reduce side effects.

Our period of unseasonably pleasant weather has ended. Even inside an air-conditioned mall, it was so hot the only thing I wanted to buy was an ice cream sundae as big as my head. I didn't do so, but had a smaller one at home.

And, I'm almost ready to divide the new top for the armholes. I think I have enough of this yarn for short sleeves. If not, I predict more frogging in my future.


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