Friday, May 07, 2010

I put a moment of boredom to good use today. I thought about going shopping, but decided that could get expensive. I thought about going hiking, but my back's still not that robust. Instead, I tackled decluttering my spare room.

In theory, it's a guest bedroom, but no one has slept in it for over a year. Then, when Tom was recovering from surgery and couldn't handle stairs, it took three days to clear it out for him. Since the things I moved at that time I merely moved to the living room, it reverted quickly to its status as storage locker when Tom moved back into the master bedroom. This time, I was determined to actually clean the room, and not merely scoop the mess from one room to another.

I spent six hours at the task, in which time I filled the recycle barrel to the brim, and the trash barrel halfway. I also shelved a bunch of books, and filled a box of things to go to charity. I think I'm about 70% to my goal of having the front room available for overnight guests, or to use as I used to use it, as a combination sewing room and retreat. That'd be nice.

In spite of the above, I've done twice as much knitting, so far today, as I did all day yesterday.


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