Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tom and I went to the festival celebrating Astoria's Bicentennial today. While we were there, they had Taiko drumming, Chinese lion dancers, and a bagpipe corps. We left in order to go to a reception at the other end of town, at which all our elected representatives were in attendance, including our Congressman, both Senators, and the Governor. After we left the site of the fair, they had Scandinavian dancing, hula dancing, Finnish singing, and a mariachi band.

The carnival was a perfect venue for schmoozing up the restaurant. The local Latino community was represented; I learned that I'm not the only Puerto Rican in town. Their booth was right next to the booth for the local Jewish community. Both were delighted with our coming restaurant. We also talked to a local artist, whose work I like. She'll be providing paintings for the restaurant; decoration in exchange for exposure. I hope that works out well, and that she sells some paintings that she'll be displaying there.

I'm glad to be free of the need to buy art for the space. The Puerto Rican posters I saw tended to be either political, ugly, or expensive. I did buy some pirate-themed movie posters for the men's room. I'm sure I have plenty of mermaid paintings/posters on hand for the ladies'.

The red scarf is almost finished. While I'm glad to finish projects, it means I'll have to pick out a new one. Fine yarn, or bulky? Fitted, or simple? Decisions, decisions.


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