Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hmm... I haven't posted since before the surgery. Well, it caused me so little pain that I teased Tom that maybe I hadn't had surgery after all. As far as I could tell, I fell asleep and woke up in the same place, with no difference except a large bandage on my left leg.

I was very, very stoned from the anesthesia, and slept most of Monday.

Tuesday, I decided that, as I had little pain, I wouldn't take the narcotic prescribed. I had no reason to regret this, as Motrin did fine in controlling what little post-surgical pain I had.

I used crutches on Monday, and a walker on Tuesday. Tom pronounced me "amazing" on Tuesday, as I did all my usual chores.

Today, Wednesday, I haven't even used the walker. That's not completely true; I'm using it as an end table, since my real end table is covered with knitting supplies and reading material. I've been making up for all the knitting I haven't done the last couple of days. I've finished the torso of the sweater, including casting off the shoulders with a 3-needle bind off. I've also done almost half of one sleeve, so there's a possibility I'll finish this week. I still have three skeins of yarn, so I have every reason to think I'll have enough yarn.

It's lucky that I've discovered that a plain, drop-shoulder is a good style for me. It's easy, and flattering.

The bad news is that I've heard a rumor that the final estimate for the restaurant remodel is double the preliminary estimate. As the preliminary estimate was double our first guess, and approximated our worst-case scenario, doubling that makes the restaurant impossible. When we get the number, if it's out of range, I'll just tell the contractor, "This is our budget. If we can't do it with this, there won't be a restaurant." We're not completely out of options. We might be able to take over another restaurant, which would need minimal remodeling, or we might be able to work out of a truck or a cart of some kind. I really want to get to work in a commercial kitchen of some kind!

Of course, Plan C is to sell the LA house, and declare ourselves retired.


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