Monday, May 02, 2011

Contrary to our previous plans, we're still in LA. We found out Saturday that there was a plumbing problem in the kitchen, which out usual plumber is busily fixing as I type. Ah, the joys of home ownership.

Tom and I took Sharon to the Renaissance Pleasure Faire yesterday. My knee had been getting better since the drive up, leading me to hope that I'd be able to cancel the surgery planned for next week. Nope. I was on my feet most of the day, and had to be wheeled out in a chair. While grocery shopping today, little old ladies kept opening doors for me, so my limp must have been beyond noticeable. On the up side, I have reason to believe Tom bought me a gift at the Faire; I'll just have to wait a few weeks.

Since my knees were sore, I kept my ethnic-grocery-store marathon down to two stores, the Persian market (actually, broadly international) at San Fernando Mission and Balboa, and the Italian bakery in the same parking lot. Yumyumyum. Among other things, I bought 7 cans of fried eggplant, so I'll be able to survive until I either visit LA again, or find out where in Portland I can purchase it.

Big news yesterday, huh? Osama dead. It didn't take long for the Right to claim credit for Bush, and the Left to berate the nation as a whole for celebrating the death of a man. Well, I don't think my actions have been out of line. I haven't been dancing in the streets; I've been going about my usual business, doing laundry, buying groceries, assisting with home repairs. Those who have been dancing in the streets, I would excuse. The man who died, after all, was directly responsible for 3,000 American deaths, and indirectly responsible for thousands more. If the stories are true, that he used his own wife as a shield when American forces invaded his hideout, that only compounds his rottenness. Whatever the proprieties involved, I can't mourn the man. The world is better without him.


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