Sunday, April 17, 2011

I finished that chenille shawl this morning. I'm not totally happy with it; since chenille locks up, failing to slide smoothly against itself, the mesh fabric isn't as smooth as it might be. I just have to pretend it's a feature, not a bug.

After a lovely outing to the state parks in the far northwestern corner of the state, I pulled out a sweater I knit three years ago. I never wore it, because it fit like a sausage casing. I love the yarn, which has been discontinued, so I wanted to knit it up again into something I actually could wear.

I thought it was too tight because it was in a ribbed pattern. After knitting a swatch, I found that I'd have had to add 20 stitches to have it fit, even in stockinette. Since I still want to use a rib, I added over 50 stitches to the count. I hope it doesn't fit like a circus tent, this time. I also hope I can locate the extra skeins of the same yarn I bought when I learned this yarn (Big Kureyon) was discontinued. I used the extra skeins from the original batch, a gift from Sharon when I first started knitting, to make a jacket. It's a great jacket, my own design, which I wore to the beach today. While it was plenty warm in the depths of winter in California, it's not quite warm enough in Oregon even in spring. The wind goes right through you!


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