Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My back was hurting today, so I spent it at home, knitting. Well, first I had to decide on a design. Once I had, I knit a few repeats of the stitch pattern, measured my gauge, and realized I had cast on too many stitches to continue with this pattern. I had allowed enough room for cable crossovers. Since I ultimately chose a simple knit/purl stitch, I would have had almost 10 inches of ease, if I had continued.

If I had made a plan first, instead of starting and ripping out repeatedly these last four or so days, I'd be done by now. Instead, I have three inches done, just as I had last night, just as I have had twice a day since I started.

It's going to look great, though. I picked a nice basketweave.


Blogger cher said...

Thanks for explaining the hell toupee joke on Keith's FOK site. I laughed again. You are fun! Take care. Mama used to knit. I learned but have been on the same afgan for a million years. Hope to finish by the rapture! Whee!

5:58 PM  

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