Saturday, May 14, 2011

Aha. The Blog was out of order for a few days, and lost a post-surgical post I thought I had posted post-surgery. Follow? I had been concerned that it was dead, but it seems to be back.

A short summary of the Once and Future Post: I recovered from the knee surgery with remarkable speed. I was on crutches for one day, a walker for one day, and then back to the usual. After the day of surgery, I haven't required any pain medication. In fact, I feel so good that (five days post-op) I forget that I'm convalescent, and am surprised that I tire quickly.

There was a rumor that the construction costs had spun wildly out of control, but I talked things over with the contractor. He understands that the budget we set is pretty much set in stone, so we have to cut amenities rather than raise the cost. Our restaurant won't be a lovely as we had imagined, but we will have a fully functioning kitchen. Oddly, the contractor's first suggestion, in order to cut costs, was to leave out the kitchen: truck in prepared food from elsewhere and just assemble and reheat on site. Gah! I'm an artist. Instead, we played with repositioning the stoves so the ducting from the hood can run in a straighter line. In addition, we'll skip the washer/dryer, and choose less expensive options for the refrigerators. It looks like we'll be ready to open in early July.

Tom and I went to Portland today, to shop for refrigerators. We didn't find the right one, but we did purchase 60 second-hand chairs. I'd much rather spend $20 each than $85, especially when we need so many. They'll be delivered to the house this Friday, which will give me several weeks to reupholster the seats.


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