Friday, February 11, 2011

Life is a lot more normal with a car.

For the first time in a month, I was able to get the groceries without asking Tom for a ride, and taking him along. Since he wasn't there, he wasn't able to inhibit me ( he wouldn't try to stop me, but I wouldn't do it) from picking up a few bare root fruit trees. It was good planting weather, overcast but not raining, so I got them in the ground, as well as making repairs to the deer fence. The front yard is almost where I want it.

After three days of knitting, I have about two inches of the new sweater done. The yarn is Blue Moon's "Twisted," in the Peekaboo Peony colorway. My batch is paler than others I've seen of this same colorway; I hope it doesn't look too baby-blanket. I'm doing just a plain pullover in seed stitch. I'll change it up a little if I show signs of going mad from boredom.


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