Wednesday, February 09, 2011

I might have been able to read the whole drivers' manual today, and get my test done before the DMV office closed, but it was such a beautiful, sunny day (and sunny days are so rare on the Oregon Coast in winter) that I had to go with Tom to take the dogs for a walk along the riverfront. I'm glad I did; it was so clear today that, from the mouth of the Columbia, we could see Mt. St. Helens. It wasn't a matter of, "Is that Mt. St. Helens?" but clear as crystal, "Look! Behind the bridge! It's Mt. St. Helens!" That's about 90 miles. That might not be amazing in some places, but here, we can only see the river from our house half the time, and that's only a mile. Our atmosphere is not known for its clarity.

I'm about 30 pages from the end of the manual. I'm bending in my resolve to not knit until I have my license. Since I'm unlikely to survive the evening without some kind of knitting at hand, I'll cast on after I've finished the manual. I'll take the test in the morning, and then my conscience will be clear.


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