Monday, February 07, 2011

It has been a busy, busy, busy day. I sorted through the boxes of stuff my house guest brought from my old house a few days ago. That yielded five loads of laundry, as the clothes had been in storage for at least 12 years, and smelled it. Once everything is clean, most of it will go to Goodwill, as it was either out of fashion or didn't fit when I left it behind, well, 12 years ago. I will be hanging on to a few costumes that came to hand, and a flock of wrapping paper that's still in good shape.

After the sorting and only halfway through the laundry, I had my first physical therapy appointment. The therapist gave me half a dozen exercises to stabilize my kneecap, and instructions to get a ball for the exercises (he gave me elastic bands, as well) at a local department store.

Tom took me to the department store, where I found it housed an excellent grocery store, as well. I was getting bored with the one-and-only supermarket in town, so I was delighted to find out that I do have an alternative, after all. It's more expensive than the free-standing store, but also has greater variety and higher quality.

There's still a chance I'll finish the Taiyo scarf tonight, if I spend the rest of the evening knitting.


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