Friday, February 04, 2011

I've had a house guest for the last couple of days, so I've been busy cooking and cleaning and showing him around. He brought a truckload of things from my old house, so I'm going to have my plate full with organizing and putting things away, for the rest of this week and much of the next.

Steph gave me a nice mention in her blog, the great I'm going to have to make this thing readable, in case anyone follows the link. I'm still managing to resist ordering some hand-dyed mawatas to make mittens out of. It's a big temptation, but I have six bins of yarn already here, and at least another ten waiting to be brought up from LA. I opened a couple of bins, and pawed through the contents, to convince myself that I have plenty of knitting material on hand. I even already own a pair of silk gloves, which I had forgotten in the spell of Steph's new gloves. They're not as elegant as hers, being made from recycled sari silk, but they're still silk gloves, in the full legal sense of the word.


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