Saturday, May 22, 2010

I didn't do the Whirlpool Socks pattern. I didn't want to do an entire foot of stockinette, and I didn't have confidence that the pattern would swirl as described. I tried to do the Herringbone Rib from the same book, but between my fat fingers and my aging eyeballs, I couldn't manage the stitch. I switched to the other book, and plugged the Yarnover Cable from the five-stitch patterns into my usual sock recipe.

That was the right pattern for this yarn, these needles. While the pattern looks intricate, I had it memorized after one repeat, and my fingers find it completely natural and satisfying. If I hadn't wasted most of yesterday ripping out and redoing the other pattern, I'd have a foot done already.

Didn't spend most of today knitting. Tom was helping a variety of our friends with computer problems, which gave me time to visit while we waited for programs to load and run. Capped off with sushi and seafood, it was a lovely day.


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