Thursday, May 20, 2010

I finished the Sea Lettuce Scarf tonight, and promptly started playing with it. It's more a toy than a garment, you know. If you fold it lengthwise, it coils into a spring, like a Slinky. If you flatten it out and roll it up, it turns into a sea creature of some sort. It's a hoot. Honest, the reason I knit it in the first place was that I saw someone roll it up. And, when you're knitting it, giving it a half-twist every time you turn the work (as is almost inevitable), it makes a cool double helix. Fun. That's what happens when engineers design knit goods.

Tom had put on Star Trek: The Reboot while I was finishing the scarf, so I found myself in front of a TV with nothing to knit. He offered to pause the movie while I searched the stash, but I didn't want to delay him. I had one project's worth of yarn immediately at hand, so I wound it and cast on.

You know how I've been saying my next project would be in bulky? Didn't happen. The yarn is the same super-fine sock yarn I made Tom's most recent socks out of. Instead of the manly man grey/navy combo I used for his socks, mine will be a more whimsical combo of turquoise, royal blue, and a shade of red that owes a lot to fuchsia. It'll still need size 0 needles and a lot of stitches.


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